About Us


Vianka was inspired to create "VIO cosmetics" due to her lifelong passion for beauty. She created this line for women who love to display their inner beauty through an outward expression just as she always has.

She became a makeup artist in efforts to fulfill this goal of hers but that was not enough to truly satisfy her passions. As a result she began to think of ways to push the envelope and take her talents to the next level. In 2016, Vianka started a beauty channel with a variety of beauty related content. Her videos ranged from daily makeup tips to bold looks. Through this platform she aimed to inspire her audience to be as creative as they can be with their approach to beauty. Vianka notes, “I’ve always been extremely passionate and have always been one to want to share my knowledge with others! When I first started to record tutorials I knew my goal was to  help others by sharing the tricks and tips that I learned over time from other talented gurus and makeup artists”. Though this surely was allowing her to express her creativity, she knew that she still had ways to go. Her true dream since the mere age of twelve was to create something that she could call hers in the beauty industry. At the age of twenty, she decided it was finally time to take the leap in order to attain that desire and make a difference.

Vianka’s greatest want is to inspire all women of all shapes, sizes and colors to be fearless in their journey of self love and acceptance. Moreover, Vianka strives to create products that alleviate the societal pressures of make up being uniform in style, a task, or a way of hiding one’s true beauty. Instead, she aims to create makeup that allows the individual to feel free, to take risks, and to be bold. She wants to dare her consumers to try something new and different through her products.

Her journey in beauty has many faces. Her journey hasn’t been an easy one but her goal has always kept her going. Vianka states, “I knew one day I would create products for women to feel liberated. The beauty industry can oftentimes feel cold but through my creation, I aspire to change that. I want to create a space where women can grab their lashes and gloss and love themselves regardless of the circumstance! I want to empower women to love themselves with or without makeup on!” All in all, there is so much in store for you all and Vianka can’t wait to see where this brand goes!